Ormond Community Church of Christ
We are here to serve The Lord.
Damien and Annemarie Ball, the current ministers at Ormond Community Church of Christ, are ordained ministers with Churches of Christ in Victoria & Tasmania.

Damien has a BA in Ministry and a Masters in Theology, and Annemarie a  BA in Counselling and a Grad Dip in Theology.

Damien and Annemarie have previously been the pastors of a Messianic congregation in Melbourne. 
"Our love for God and His Word is central to our ministry. We emphasize the importance of seeing the New Testament or Covenant as the fulfillment of the covenants that God made with His Chosen People from the beginning of time.                                                                        

We want to facilitate people in their relationship with God and each other; to nurture and encourage them to grow spiritually; to care for each other and for those who need help in the community that surrounds our community; and to support missions in places around the world".